Zoom Phloom

Zoom Phloom

The Zoom Phloom is a log flume designed by O.D. Hopkins. It goes up to 60 feet in the Wildwood Boardwalk. Zoom Phloom has two drops. One drop leading you under the Wildwood boardwalk. The ride was built to compete with the Hunt's Pier log flume.


The Zoom Phloom is a log flume made by O.D. Hopkins in 1985. It is considered to be the fastest log flume in the East Coast. When it first opened the logs in the flume used to say Morey's pier on it. The logs are now different they don't have the morey's logo on it any more.

Under The Boardwalk

Going Under the Boardwalk.

General InformationEdit

Requirements: Must be 48” tall or accompanied by an adult.

Under 42" not permitted.

Further restrictions posted at the ride entrance.

Tickets Per Guest: 7

{C}{C Ride Type: Family

{C}{C Rating: Moderate

{C}{C Manufacturer: O.D. Hopkins.

Investment: $2.5 Million

Height: up to 60 feet

Number of Drops: 2

Installed: 1985

Vehicles: fiberglass "logs"

Capacity of Vehicle: 4

Number of vehicles: 23

Hourly Capacity: 805

Ride Time: 7 Minutes.

Location: Surfside Pier