The SkyCoaster is a ride at Adventure Pier.  The riders are first secured into special flight suites.  After being attached to the "carriage," they are hauled up to to the top of the arch.  Once they are at the top, riders have to pull a cord that is one the top of the ride.  Once the cord is pulled, the ride plummets down and swings until the operator hands an open "net" to stop the motion.



The Skycoaster was originally put in Morey's Surfside Pier. When the popularity was so great that they installed a second one at Wild Wheels (now Adventure Pier). In 2016, The Surfside Pier Skycoaster was removed.

General InformationEdit

Tickets Per Guest: 0

Additional Price: Single Rider $30, Double Rider $50, Triple Rider $60

Ride Type: Thrill

Rating: High

Manufacturer: SkyCoaster Incorporated, a subsidiary of Thrilltime Entertainment International Inc.

Height: 100 Feet

Top Speed: Varies

Flight Time: Varies

Capacity per Flight: 1-3

Must be 42" tall to ride.

Further restrictions posted at the ride entrance.

This ride is not included in Morey's Piers daily ride wristband and/or Season Pass program.

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